Happy Birthday to Ron Dante!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our guy, Ron Dante, who’s celebrating his special day today (August 22)!

To post a birthday message for Ron, please visit his official Facebook page, or mention him in a tweet on Twitter. You can also join the Facebook group, Ron Dante and The Archies, and leave a message there for Ron as well.

Ron, a very happy birthday to you and many, many more. Enjoy your special day, and thank you for all of the great music over the years.


Happy Birthday to Ron Dante!

A very special happy birthday to Ron Dante today (August 22)!  If you are on Facebook, please feel free to join our group, Ron Dante & The Archies, and post your own birthday greeting for Ron.  Here’s to a very special day for a very special guy.  Ron, happy happy birthday and many more.