Happy Birthday to Ron Dante!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ron Dante of The Archies! Ron, who was born on August 22 in Staten Island, New York, was a member of The Detergents (“Leader of the Laundromat”) in 1964 and 1965, and he went on to record several tunes under various “ghost group” identities, as well as countless television and radio jingles, prior to and during his stint as the lead vocalist for the fictional rock band The Archies (1968-1971). Ron was also lead (and background) singer for another studio group, The Cuff Links, and enjoyed the distinction of having two Top Ten hits at the same time – “Sugar, Sugar” and “Tracy” – with neither recording having his name on it! Ron went on to do lead vocals for another fictional band, The Chan Clan (from the TV series Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan) before moving into full-time production work with Barry Manilow’s million-selling recordings from 1973 to 1981. These days, Ron is continuing his production work, releasing CDs under his own name, and making dozens of personal appearances per year. Happy birthday to a multitalented performer and a wonderful human being!

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